• TITAN-RF-Probe-Technologies 射频探针技术

    Features MEMS Tips Precisely manufactured, the MPI TITAN™Probes incorporate perfectly-matched 50 Ω MEMS contact tips. They ensure unmatched calibration and measurement results over a widest frequency range thanks to superior probe electr

    2020-12-15 admin

  • MPI RF Calibration Substrates校准基板

    The AC-series of calibration substrates offers up to 26 sets of standards for wafer-level SOLT, LRM probe-tip calibration for GS/SG and GSG probes. Five coplanar lines provide the broadband reference multiline TRL calibration as well as acc

    2018-07-25 admin

  • MPI QAlibria® – RF Calibration Software射频校准软件

    Multi-Touch Making the complex and tedious task of RF system calibration as simple as possible — this is the key objective of MPI’s calibration so were QAlibria ® . By implementing the progressive disclosure methodology and realizing…

    2018-07-25 admin

  • MPI RF Accessories 射频配件

    Test Cables A number of special requirements have to be met for RF cables in wafer-level measurement systems: the optimal cable length, weight, magnitude and phase stability, temperature range and design of the male connector. MPI engineers

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