• Optics 光学镜头

    MPI Optics MPI is working closely with leading optical suppliers to develop and optimize dedicated microscope solutions. This provides leading edge on wafer observation and navigation. The selected optics are a perfect fit to the specific r

    2021-09-17 admin

  • MicroPositioners

    MPI MicroPositioners MPI offers a wide variety of backlash-free MicroPositioners to address every operational and measurement condition. These vary from small footprint to micrometer driven high resolution positioners for RF and mmW applica

    2017-09-09 admin

  • Further Accessories

    MPI System Accessories MPI offers an extensive selection of dedicated systems accessories as necessary tools for completing common Test Solutions. Features Benefits Vibration Isolation Platform Vibration isolation platforms are cost-effecti

    2017-09-07 admin

  • DC & RF Probe Arms

    MPI DC RF Probe Arms MPI offers a complete portfolio of Probe Arms such as Standard as coaxial, triaxial, and high-voltage versions Kelvin RF All capable of performing at temperatures up to 300°C. MPI MicroPositionersOverview Features Bene

    2017-09-07 admin

  • Chuck Systems

    MPI Chuck Systems For different requirements, MPI offers a variety of: Coaxial, Triaxial, RF, mmW and High-power Chucks from ambient temperatures through -60°C up to 300°C. Dedicated top surfaces with vacuum holes, gold plating or a surfa

    2017-09-07 admin